What size should I get? 


This depends on the size of your breasts and the amount of coverage you are searching for.
7 cm covers the nipple, 8 cm gives a bit more coverage, 10 cm covers a large area of your breast.
7 & 8 cm works great for clothes with cleavage and/or smaller breasts. We recommend 10 cm for larger breasts. It also works for smaller breasts and gives a rounder shape. We will recommend this size under clothes that have little to no cleavage. Like for example turtlenecks or tops/dresses covering the whole chest area.
If you are unsure, we recommend to buy 2 sizes to try and compare. All sizes are useful in different outfits.


Does the cover show? 

The covers are as close to invisible as we could get them. The edges are 0,1 mm thin and blends in with your skin as much as possible. Which makes this cover different from a store-bought cover, in addition it is reusable, sweatproof and seamless under clothing. Which we were missing in the market ourselves.
We only want to give you the best!


Do I need to wash the covers? How do I wash them? 

Yes you have to wash them. We recommend to wash them after use. If you have been sweating or doing some activity they will probably need washing.

 We have a guide in how to wash them on our website under the DIRECTIONS section.

1)Wash them with your hands and use only water. 2) Shake the water off as much as possible. 3) Leave to airdry.

 We do not recommend to wash with soap. If so, it needs to be a very gentle soap. We recommend using water only.


How many times can the covers be used? 

We say from 15-20 times with proper care. However, it depends on how the covers are being used and stored and the climate they are being used in.

 We can not guarantee this usage neither do we stand responsible if someone experience loss of glue on the covers.


Are they painful to take off? 

No! The glue is very skin-sensitive. Even though the covers stick to your skin through both sweat and water, they are very gentle to take off. Just take them off slowly and steady. Do not rip off quick.


How do I use them? 

Make sure your skin is clean from any lotions or other products. The skin needs to be completely dry.

1) take the plastic off the cover.

2) Fold the cover inside out and place it on the nipple. Then fold around the breast. Press it firmly in place.

3) Wear whatever you want and be confident and safe!

We have a video guide on this under the DIRECTIONS section.


Can I be allergic/react to the adhesive? 

There is always a possibility that some individuals react to adhesive being placed directly to the skin. Most people will not react to this as it is a medical grade adhesive. However, if you do notice irritations on the skin or any form of allergic reaction - stop using the products immediately.
We are not liable for any skin irritation that may occur after a customer has bought a product.


Where are the products shipped from? How long does the shipment take? 

The products are shipped from Kristiansand, Norway.

 Domestic shipment will usually take a few days up to a week, depending on the post delivery.

 International shipment will take a bit longer. Please take into consideration the ongoing pandemic and that this can affect the delivery time.


If you have further questions you did not receive answers for on this page please do not hesitate to contact us at: contact@cecili.no, or send us a message on facebook or instagram.


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